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Caste Members


Parts Currently Played: Frank, Magenta, Columbia, Trixie
Parts Previously Played: Janet (once for fun)

Joined Cast: January 2007
Previous Casts: Dear God! Pacifica, Hayward, Fremont (3 incarnations), San Leandro, San Jose, Concord, and like a zillion more dating back to 1986. That is right baby! 1986!

Why did you join the Caste?
I needed a fix. Besides, Sarah made me do it.

What do you have the most fun doing at the show?
Getting to know cool people that I would miss out on if I was not here.

What would you like to do with the Caste before you retire?
Never say that you are retiring from Rocky! Anyone who has been around for more than a few years knows that never really happens. You can't take Rocky out of the girl and you can't take the girl out of Rocky. (That may have come out wrong. Or not.)

Give a relatively brief description of yourself to the audience:
Knowing me is like drinking strychnine laced with LSD. I will drive you crazy while being the death of you.

What have you learned during your time on Caste?
There really are others as multi-dimensionally demented as I.

Anything else to say?
Getting up on stage in your underwear really is fun!






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