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Caste Members


Parts Currently Played: Riff, Eddie
Parts Previously Played: Eddie (White Trash Night), Magenta (Tacky Horror)

Joined Cast: Early '98
Previous Casts: Indecent Exposure (91-95), Barely Legal (96), Absolute Pleasure (96-97)

Why did you join the Caste?
It seemed like fun and I didn't have anything else to do on a Saturday night.

What do you have the most fun doing at the show?
Performing and realizing how many people are in the audience when they stand and dance during the Time Warp.

What would you like to do with the Caste before you retire?
I want to perform every character before I stop.

Give a relatively brief description of yourself to the audience:
Comic book collecting, film school graduating, web design working, Caste site webmastering, baseball fan cheering, really loud voice AP yelling, and generally life enjoying.

What have you learned during your time on Caste?
It's always funnier when the guy wear the dress. It's a kind of cosmic law or something like that...

Anything else to say?
Please refrain from blocking the aisle when I run up it as Eddie because I will hipcheck you if you don't. Just remember... You have been warned...






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