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PhotoFor the first time, an RHPS Convention came to the San Francisco Bay Area. Planned and run by a group of representatives from the local casts (Bawdy Caste, Barely Legal, and Frank's Virgin Ears), the weekend was full of enjoyment for everyone. From the balcony parties on Thursday and Friday nights, to the Friday "Swing" party with gambling tables and chips to cash in on RHPS collectables, or anything else that went on that weekend, there was fun had by all. There were congoers from all across the nation, from Los Angeles to Seattle to Chicago to New York and even more. With the promise to bring a con back to the area in the near future, the fun has definately just begun.

Below are links to pages of pictures taken over the entire weekend by Caste members. Each page consists of both thumbnails and, if you get confused by who is in the picture, text links for every picture. Be sure to let all of the thumbnails load before you start checking out the pics. This page will be constantly updated over the coming few weeks, so be sure to check back for all of the pictures!

Melissa's Pics
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Richard's Pics
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