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PhotoWith one of the largest itineraries of any convention, a large piece of the RHPS community descended onto The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard for Frankie Goes To Hollywood, a con being thrown by the local cast Midnight Insanity. There was so much stuff planned for the weekend; a Friday day-trip to the Santa Monica Pier, premieres of both "A Regular Frankie Fan" and "Elvira's Haunted Hills" with Cassandra Petersen and other creative people in attendance, all-star showings of both RHPS and ST, and all of the other assorted preshows, parties, and general fun times stuffed in between. Along with all of this, this con had a very special ingredient; Patricia Quinn, Magenta herself, attended and spent most of the weekend talking with all of the congoers that would carry on a conversation with her. She spent most of Saturday and Sunday afternoons lounging by the pool and having a great time. This was one of the cons that will be remembered for a long time for all of the good times that seemed to be everywhere for that weekend.

Below are links to pages of pictures taken over the entire weekend by Caste members. Be sure to let all of the thumbnails load before you start checking out the pics. This page will be constantly updated over the coming few weeks, so be sure to check back for all of the pictures!

Richard's Pics
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